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Online Gamers
2.2 Billion
 ---------------  Offline Gamers  -----------------
The Problem

For more than 2 Billion Online gamers, and for more than 1 Billion Offline gamers, there is still no easy way to join or host a friendly local game for 1-4 people, or enjoy all the connections, content and competitiveness that are part of the global gaming culture.

Facebook, Meetup, WhatsApp, Steam, Reddit and other web & mobile services used by gamers trying to find just one or two local people to play with, are too big and generic to provide these results, or the specific visuality, features and gamified functionalities needed by this group.

The PlayPals platform will provide all type of gamers with the ability to:

Discover, join or host games in their city

•Own their Global Gamer Profile and rankings

•Compete on global game leaderboards

•Connect, share and chat locally-globally

•Create, promote and manage their game group

•Buy, sell and exchange all products, tokens & services related to games and the gaming experience

Upcoming Features
Game Group Management
Local & Global Rankings
Gamer’s Social-Play Status

Some highlights from the beta-launch

Investor fit?

  • Seed Round

  • SAFE & Pro-Rata contract

  • Post-money valuation: 3M

  • Raising: 600K for 20%

For more info on our team, the marketing and launch plans, the B2C &B2B revenue channels, please contact:  arik@playpals.app