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How it all started...


As a new citizen in Canada, I finally found a new and beautiful place to live and work in, but, I also discovered that it wasn't easy making new friends or building my social circles, until I was invited to join a board-game night by a local friend.

​After a few great months of games & people, I found what I was looking for, but, I also found out that there was no simple way to find those local games or people.


As I’ve been developing online platforms since 2007, it was an obvious choice for me to do something about it, so now, at the start of 2022, we are working on PlayPals main features and functionalities and plan to officially launch in a few months.

Keep on Playing...

Arik Sternberg

Founder of PlayPals

The Team
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Russell Winkelaar


Disability Awareness Advocate


Join the team

Our mission is to connect people around games and help them enjoy a real-world social-local experience with their friends, neighbors and colleges.

We are looking for people from across North America to help us launch their specific cities, as well as contribute their skills and experience for the platform’s day to day activities.


So, if you:

  • Love games and people.

  • Got some startup or online business experience.

  • Want to create the one platform for all games and gamers.


Just email your LinkedIn and all your relevant gaming and professional info to

Arik Sternberg