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In the beginning...

When I moved to Canada, I found a new and beautiful place to live and work in, but I also found out that it wasn't easy connecting locally or making new friends, until I was invited to join a board-game night by a local friend.


​​After a few months of great local gaming experiences, I started looking for a simple online app to connect & play with more local games & gamers, but other than the general social media and events platforms out there, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, which is when I knew it was just simpler for me to do something about it with my startups and gaming experience and communities.


Now, at the start of 2023, we are working on PlayPals main features and functionalities and plan to officially launch in the summer time.

Keep on Playing...

Arik Sternberg

Founder of PlayPals

The Team

Brandon Bernard

Brandon is a recent grad from McMaster University with a degree in communication studies and was deeply invested & involved in the University athletics and community work & projects during that time. He enjoys board games, social events with friends and learning overall.​


Russell Winkelaar

Disability Awareness Advocate & Consultant for the GTA area, Board Gamer, Actor & Producer.

Join us

Our mission is to provide the simplest app to connect & play with local friends, colleagues and neighbors.

We are looking for applicants from Toronto and Vancouver with:

  • Interest & experience in branding, marketing, and launching of a tech or gaming startup/company.

  • Understanding & interest in the entire online & offline gaming market

  • Knowledge of current services, products, platforms, and trends in the tech/local events/social media/gaming industry.

  • Good online & offline communication skills in person or in public.

  • Great organizational & time management skills.